We need you now... Step into revolutionary leadership, a 'We' space called Spirit 







The Spirit of Leadership in Organisations is an Integral program for organisation leaders seeking to join the revolution; a revolution that changes our world in im/measurable ways.

When the alchemy of authenticity, mindfulness, compassion and courage combine hero's emerge that seem capable of the extraordinary.

‚ÄčAt the heart of this program is a library with 13 practice zones, grouped into three types of work.  

New ways of working integrate into behaviours for the individual and organisation generating previously inexperienced levels of Peace, Trust and Results.   

Together these three become new patterns of behaviour, changing the world in im/measurable ways. 

At the start of the journey, organisational awareness is reviewed using an Integral measurement survey, then again later as changes occur. 

The program is flexible at a number of levels including the mix of practices and timeframes.

One approach is 90-day timeframes over 12 months.

An important aspect of program design is the ability to customise for any organisational culture, country or 'Worldview'.

In keeping with our altruistic approach, 10% of every sales dollar from this Program will be donated equally to three Not For Profit organisations, each leading the world in change. 

They are Living in a New Republic of the Heart, Peace One Day, and Avaaz.